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Dec 20, 2018
Jan 8, 2013
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Bloomer, WI

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Weekend Warrior, from Bloomer, WI

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Dec 20, 2018
    1. madhunter
      Will do. I am going to be at the family farm for opening day, and my wife's cousin has a wedding for the following weekend. I should sneak up to Pray and see you guys this fall. It would be really great to see you both. I miss being the woodland gnome!

      My phone number is 608-444-0428
    2. ZXTMike
      Hey, long time. I send my congratulations on everything that you have accomplished since we talked last . You HAVE been extremely busy. I am glad to hear that you will be getting back into hunting It really is a big part of who you were/are. My family and I are doing good. Still live in Bloomer. Todd and I are still hunting together at his place.

      I am still working full time as a design engineer and I have also joined a company, as partner/r&d engineering for Covert Hunting Blinds. Check us out at Covert Tactical Hunting Gear | Portable Ground Hunting Blinds. We just spent the weekend doing the Deer Fest show in West bend. Had a blast. I was hoping to see you wandering around up there.

      Give us a call sometime. 715-894-0074. I would be great to see you, too. We kind of miss "The Woodland Gnome".

      Take care.

    3. madhunter
      Whats up stud?

      It has been a log long time! I have been busy as hell. My life has changed so very much and a lot has happened. I got divorced, started skydiving and made over 400 jumps in the last three years, finished my degree, got remarried a couple years ago, had a son (Reif - 14mo) and taking time away from crazy stuff to be a dad and get back into hunting. It was a really crazy time, but I needed it. Things in my previous marriage were a lot to handle and I needed to get out there and have some experiences, and what I found out is that I really miss my old hobbies and experiences. My in laws have a farm by Richland Center where I hunt and have access to about 500 acres times of the year, so I got out there and hunted a bit. I am going to buy a new bow and really get back out there a lot this year.

      I now live in Madison and work in Belleville at a place called Federal Industries. It is not a glamorous job but it pays pretty well and I get to have cash for fun ****. about you? What have you been up to? Hows the family? Anyway, just thought I would say Hi.
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    Bloomer, WI
    Bowhunting for over 30 years. Still working to take down a big buck. Weekend warrior/meat hunter.

    Hunting, Woodturning, Woodworking


    2018 TEAM 15 -
    Mike Svoma
    2015 Horton Storm RDX
    Centerpunch Bolts
    100 gr NAP Killzone broadheads​