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Nov 17, 2012
Dec 25, 2011
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The Amatuer

Die Hard Bowhunter, from Blacksburg, Virginia

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Nov 17, 2012
    1. The Amatuer
      The Amatuer
      Dial the poundage back to 65# that should do the trick on an Elk Easily.

      Yet if you can hold the 70# with little of no problem any Elk will find digesting any arrow from this bow very hard to do.

      What type of Broadhead do you plan on using? I've found the the NAP Broadheads will kick out sideways once they hit an animal. If you shoot something and the mechanical hit's bone it will deflect to a 45 degree angle preventing a double lung shot and the animal will a longer distance.

      The Hypershock will go through both lungs, but will leave a very small blood trail with no exit because of the way it deploys. But you will find the animal within 6oyds. My experience.. Now the Sonic's by American Broadhead are a beast. Those things don't know the meaning of stop. They cost about $20.00

      Congratulations on your bow...Good Hunting.

      PS if you try the Revolution by Trophy Ridge make sure it's installed properly. Some bows are just to fast for the rest...If you get the first series or it's lose the bow launching an arrow will shatter it. I did that and had to return it to the store for an replacement.

      Let me know how it works for you. Terry
    2. JJD
      Hey, JJD here.

      Have pretty much decided on a Primal. Would you go 60 - 70 or 50 - 60 lbs.?
      We have elk here, might I need the extra power?
      Any other advice for this bow?
      I shot about 1-1/2 dozen bows. 2nd place was Prime (longer one) and 3rd was the Invasion.
      I believe the Primal to be the best value.
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    I'm new to hunting somewhat and I've always wanted to do it since moving to Virginia. Those ideas of the hunt has come to fruition.

    Float tube Fishing, Swiming, boxing, Karate, and of course hunting


    Think like a Professional, Act like a Professional, hunt like a professional, and people will treat you like a Champion.

    Quest Primal with G-Fade
    Sonic Broadheads
    Summit Viper Tree Stand