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Apr 2, 2019
Jul 27, 2008
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Apr 25, 1966 (Age: 53)
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Facebook Admin, 53, from Wisconsin

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Apr 2, 2019
    1. aventador
      review wordpress trung tâm kế toán thành lập doanh nghiệp tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán lập tức bị khống chế, tập thể giam giữ tại Ngõa Lam sơn. Nếu không phải bởi vì Kanita phân phó, Snos thật muốn giết sạch đám quáng công phiền toái này, vừa lúc đó Snos phát hiện Athena lưu lại một con ấu thú song túc phi long.
      Nếu như bắt được con ấu thú này, hành động ở địa phương hoang vu này cũng thuận tiện hơn rất nhiều, dù là nộp lên trên cũng là công lao lớn, nhất là lại không cần quá phí sức nữa chứ.
      Ấu thú song túc phi long thực lực chẳng qua là trung giai ác ma, lấy thực lực ma vương cấp của hắn, tự nhiên có thể không tốn chút khí lực nào bắt giữ, nhưng Snos rất nhanh đã phải hối h
    2. ngoduong
      học trung tâm kế toán tại cầu giấy địa
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      ở trung tâm kế toán tại hải phòng kế toán
      đâu trung tâm kế toán tại hải dương tại
      hà nội trung tâm kế toán tại quảng ninh hà nội
      hoc ke toan o dau tot
    3. Marauder
      Dandy Buck Man! Great Job! Did you shoot that one in Antigo? If you don't wanna tell me I understand though. Just curious how close you hunt by me. Congrats again! :tu:
    4. Marauder
      the name of the stuff is in fact called Benedict's doe in heat urine. The label says bendects lures and baits. by Lowell R. Benedict Montello, WI 53949 the number is 1 608 297 2742. I don't believe there isn't an website. It's an old guy who runs the business. Hope that helps.
    5. Marauder
      Hey the brand of doe in heat urine I got is made by Benedicts if I'm not mistaken. The stuff is really potent. I'm not crazy bout the packaging because it comes in a small bag stapled shut and in a plastic bottle. You literally can smell the doe piss through the packaging. Its that potent. But I'm gonna give it a try in a lil over a month. I can let you know if I have success if you like. message me if you like, or maybe you've used it already. See ya later.
    6. jfergus7
      Happy birthday buddy!!! You gonna be around this weekend? Maybe we can grab a beer at some point!
    7. jfergus7
      Hey Peak! Hows things with you? You been pretty quiet on the site lately hope everything's alright. You around Saturday night? Gonna go hit a few bars in Antioch for my b-day. Give me a ring when you get some time!
    8. Hoythews71
      No man, its fine. You spoke the truth on there!
    9. Hoythews71
      Really appreciate all the help today man! Tried to give you a call but keep getting that your phone cant be reached. Ill try again in a few.
    10. jfergus7
      Did you give up on filming? Just checked out your youtube page and you haven't been on it in over a year. I can't wait to get up in a stand this weekend and will definetely have camera rolling!
    11. jfergus7
      Nice profile pic! Aren't those the gloves that I have in my basement for hte last 2 years? Think I still know where they are.
    12. jfergus7
      Thanks for the link. Would rather use someone that I know will do a good job! Planning on getting my first duck mounted in a few weeks and hoping to get a nice walleye, bass or northern from Shangri-La mounted this winter from through the ice!
      And of course a buck!!!
    13. jfergus7
      I was searching for taxidermy's near my place or the cottage and came across one in Trevor. Looks like it is just a few blocks from your house. Have you seen this one before? Curious how good a job they do.

      Gonna stop in next time I am at the cottage to check it out I think. If you have any other suggestions please let me know.
    14. Iowa Veteran
      Iowa Veteran
      Teaching the miilitary now and again, mowing when it isn't raining. Practicing every day for the elk hunt in September and bear hunt in October. Then, in my free time designed a totally green air conditioner. Waiting on the prototype to be finished so I can test and then get my patent. If you were a little closer, I'd come over with my Stihl and take care of that tree for you. Just remember, this too will pass.
    15. Iowa Veteran
      Iowa Veteran
      Shouldn't you be at the GTG? ;-)
    16. racewayking
    17. dukemichaels
      Just call me fool.

      I got your stuff... I'm just backed up right now at 2 jobs.

      Patience grasshopper.
    18. peakrut
      Im not positive but you never know
    19. jfergus7
      Thanks for the suggestion! Taken care of. Wasn't aware of that!
    20. Schultzy
      Shot me a doe Tony.
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