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East Tennessee

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Weekend Warrior, from East Tennessee

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Jul 31, 2020
    1. HunterC.
      I have never killed a big buck, biggest buck I have killed is a 6 point in my avatar. Only killed one deer with a bow, a doe but she was the second biggest bodied deer I have ever taken. Im also going to hunt some gov. land this year. We have hunted 100 acres of private for as long as I have been alive and only killed smaller bucks mostly spikes and 4 points. Our buddy killed a decent 8 this year and that was the biggest buck any of us have killed. Unfortunately they logged that property this summer and Im not sure how that is going to be this fall for hunting. Where I live there is a lot of very good private property but getting permission to hunt has been a huge undertaking and so far haven't had any luck at it. Hopefully something will work out but if not Ill be spending most of my time on WMA's.
    2. HunterC.
      I have hunted Campbell county a few times seems to be a decent place to hunt.
    3. HunterC.
      Where at in East Tennessee do you live?
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    East Tennessee
    Started bow hunting in Southern Michigan. Have not had a kill yet. Moved to Florida a few years ago (bad mistake). Now I am in Tenn. and I am excited to bow hunt here. I have not bow hunted since 2003

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    2010 Bear Strike
    27" draw
    57 lbs
    Trophy Ridge HXL
    Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 sight
    PSE Radial X Weave STL Hunter 200
    G5 peep
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