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Feb 4, 2024
Feb 17, 2009
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Erie, Colorado

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Die Hard Bowhunter, Male, from Erie, Colorado

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Feb 4, 2024
    1. Peterc
      Hi Will,,is there going to be a camp this year?
    2. youngfart
      What are we going to do with your mount? I FEEL guilty as hell with it up in my garage! It belongs to you, should I go in where you got it done and see what they would charge to ship it?
    3. youngfart
      When you coming back for Moose? What year ?
    4. ohsobad_chevy
    5. peakrut
      Peek a Boo!!! Great to see you my friend or at least your name. T
    6. gottahunt
      Hello Will. I just registered here. I am still chasing elk and yet to connect. Got close last year in Colorado but the young turds I was with kept thumping them and using me as the mule. I can pack em out now. Vaughn and I are going to NM this year to a ranch close to Reodoso. Not too rough so a couple fat Okies should make it fine.

      Take care and keep in touch. Looks like you have been thumping your share.

    7. youngfart
      Hey bud where ya bin? I emailed you a few times and have had no response. Drop me a line .
    8. tschaef
      Good morning Will.
      It was nice talking the other day, and you're right, just about everyone is here. I've even seen a post from Cardeer. Take care and goodluck with everything.
    9. youngfart
      Hey Will
      Watch your back, our team has just gained another 500 points for 3 bucks putting us at 1080 with 3 guys still hunting. Tell your team to stop hunting please. Thanks LMAO
    10. Sliverflicker
      I know, I know, I have lowerd myself to his standard. But every time he shows up someone has to be sacrificed. I can't even tell you how many times he been banned or managed to get someone else banned. He hates Big Deer, Big Deer hate him, or at least they stay away from him anyway.
      And Good Luck in SD this weekend.
    11. youngfart
      Did you look into the Bowbat for me from If so I so need it soon. LOL, just let me know if you've had any luck running one down for me bud.
    12. Hungry Horse
      Hungry Horse
      Huck A day later now, and and I see bz711, Robs, Shultzy, reports of the Colo 2010 hunt, sounds like agreat time was had by all. HH in Pa
    13. Hungry Horse
      Hungry Horse
      Huck Unless I missed it, are you planning on writing a harvest report on the Pando Colo group hunt. I have enjoyed the sticky and Colo update threads. Hope your ankle is feeling better. Best to you my friend. HH in Pa
    14. youngfart
      Bad news my friend,I need to drop back into Fish & Wildlife and get the papers you filled out for me and got signed again ,as I have torn the house apart looking for them tonight . Found your win application and envelope, but for some reason I must have misplaced the Host form which you filled out also. Sorry bud, I'll have them off to you by the weekend,we made the deadline with the win card ,so were safe to apply for the Host. Just that you have to go about and get them filled in by a person whom has signing authority ,IE a Lawyer or your local Pastor.
    15. Schultzy
      Your welcome my friend!! I give out Christmas gifts to my farmers I pick up milk at every year, that foot stool was the gift that I gave out this past Christmas. I always order extra's to give out to friends and such so I thought I'd send one your way.
    16. KodiakArcher
      Hey Paul's supposed to be shipping my buffalo hide but somebody dropped a yak hide there to be fleshed that is holding him up. Wait your turn man! ;)
    17. Jeremiah Johnson
      Jeremiah Johnson
      Hey Will,

      Where's the thread about hunting in Africa?
    18. Iamyourhuckleberry
      More than anything else I got to finger point and give advice this elk season ( good advice it was...had a total of three bulls and one cow taken). I, unfortunately, only got to hunt three days for elk. I never saw a single animal (elk) that I could positively identify. I bumped a bull but, between his speed and the thick woods, I could not make out his size-not sure if he was legal. I hunted two days with a newbie (showing him the ropes), This lad made more noise than a herd of elephants! Needless to say, we were only successful bumping elk into the next county (we dislodge two groups for sure). Yesterday, I did a little advance scouting for next year. I may have found a new honeyhole. Sign was plentiful in what snow still remained. With the Colorado archery season now over, it's time to concentrate on deer. I have six out of states hunts planned through year's end.

      I believe the dates for next year will be like the 18th-26th of Sept. You can purchase your tag before July and you're good to go...
    19. Bails-UK
      Hey Will how did the Elk hunt go this season , i saw marshmonkey got his Bull .... Awesome . How did your hunt go ? .

      I could do with the dates for next years hunt so i can book my flight ASAP , it will work out a fair bit cheaper by booking it now . Also , is there anywhere i would be able to take my IBEP accuracy test as it expires in july next year and the guy that did ours has unfortunately Passed away due to Cancer .

      Hope you can help me out , as i need to get the ball rolling very soon .

      We are waitinfg for pictures and stary of Elk camp on here , so get to work buddy and tell us all about it :) .
    20. Iamyourhuckleberry
      Yeah, yeah... I started writing this morning.

      Yes, I talked to Rex yesterday. He should be up hunting. I will join him on Friday
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