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May 20, 2022
Jul 25, 2008
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Legendary Woodsman

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May 20, 2022
    1. Toyota
      Mua xe Toyota trả góp
      Toyota Land Cruiser 2017
      Toyota Fortuner 2017
      Toyota Innova 2017
    2. bowtech life
      bowtech life
      hey greg i sent you a friend request i would love to get some tips and tricks from you if you dont mind
    3. peakrut
      Are you heading to Hillsboro for the gun hunt? I will be in Hub City the friday after thanksgiving so give me a jingle if you want to hook up.
    4. in da woods
      in da woods
      greg, what's happening in Racine? Haven't seen anything from you yet. You usually post some big bruiser up by now? Just check'n to see how it's going. Hank in Delavan.
    5. Diesel77
      Greg, I sent you an email. We have the lined fleece in but Im not advertising that yet. I want to make sure I hear from a few of you guys before I advertise on the 15 or so national web sites, Im expecting to sell out in a day or 2. Let me know bud. Jackets are $62, pants are $65 plus shipping. These are very very well made, and they are made in the US. Let me know bud. I think you wear XL jacket, but I dont remember if you wear XL or L pants? I will pull some stuff asside for you in case you want to buy any, if not I understand, I know you just bought the Hanson Ranch and all : )
      Thnx, hope you, your family and GF are well, be safe

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    "He treats objects like women, man!"
    - The Dude