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    1. quiksilver
    2. quiksilver
      Found this on my computer the other day. I still think it was the funniest picture ever posted.

      Good stuff, Gary. ...and good luck in Kentucky.

    3. quiksilver
      Jerk. :poke:
    4. Hoyt 'N' It
      Hoyt 'N' It
      man why did they have to stop that thread on nugent, you and virginiashadow were onto something with those pics! nice pics!!!
    5. in da woods
      in da woods
      How's it hanging? you coming to the gtg in June? Say do you know how to get a hold of RD? he was talking last yr about making it this yr. Just thought you oughta now if you need another rider for making it out here.
    6. shed
      Thought I would share with you, got a letter from Mitch yesterday.. I had just written him about 1 month ago.. Little did I know that my wife tried setting up a trip out there with him for my 40th b-day but he was too busy hunting. So it looks like I am gonna try and spend a week with him scouting and shed hunting this spring. I am gonna love soaking up all that info.. anyway.. he sends me this letter yesterday .. pix of a huge 4x4 main framed buck .. with a total of 9 points on each side.. really nontypical sucker.. he let him walk at 9 yards last season due to the fact that 3 of the bucks main frame tines were snapped off from fighting.. then he found this bucks sheds, so I have pix of the sheds .. all broken off ..of course.. but a HUGE buck.. with the tines intacted this buck will go 206 nt as a 4x4 main frame with all the junk.. Sheds are freeging huge! He told me has yet to see this buck in the daylight this season but he knows hes in the area from the tracks and trail cams.. anyway, Mitch is onto a huge NT.. Hope he gets him.. Take care bud, kill that big 10 for me so I have to get on my horse !
    7. Deerslayer7
      Michigan might have a shot this year, the way they looked against the boilermakers
    8. buckeye
      It has been 2106 days since Michiscum has beat the Buckeyes. It isn't looking so good this November either.
    9. Germ
      Duke you complete me
    10. dukemichaels
      I feel bad that you don't have any "special" writings on your homepage wall.. so here I am.. writing.
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    May 24
    "The" Michigan


    @dnoodles only has himself to blame on this one but I'm all in on Andrew Yang. And not bc the the UBI, although a $12k automatic tax break will be nice, but I like the dude bc he is everything that Trump would like to be, a successful entrepreneur that is offering solutions to problems and not just another fat political pig wallowing in the mire. Trump never delivered on his promise of a straight 25% tax for self employed, he did however eliminate a lot of deductions and I stroked one fat ass check to the IRS this year. I'm so tired of the constant cry baby whining from that fat blob about how others are holding him back, sounds like a teenager crying about how life ain't fair. But hey, he is in trade talks with China again so I am more than positive my margin on my wheat this year will shrink even more than it did last year when he once again showed us his almighty "Art of The Deal". Wish I could have written off over a billion dollars of loss in the nineties and had my daddy bail me out but fat chance, my father raised a man not a sulky fat orange whore monger that peddles his line of bs under the guise of being a Christian and a successful businessman. Lies. Rant over.