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Feb 15, 2023
Jul 25, 2008
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Feb 10, 1977 (Age: 47)
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NW Wisconsin

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Senior Member, 47, from NW Wisconsin

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Feb 15, 2023
    1. BJE80
      Dan, I would like to kick you in the nuts. Call me please.
    2. TEAM UOA
      TEAM UOA
      Dan I would like to buy that arm from you . CAll me please 701-391-2438
    3. TEAM UOA
      TEAM UOA
      Dan could you call me or send me your number 701-391-2438 John
    4. in da woods
      in da woods
      Hey Dan, just e-mailed Christine about putting together an official informational post/sticky on the GTG. He said to contact you also on this. If you want gtg w/Christine and hammer something out asap. A few visitors to the forum asking what it's all about. Date, time, address, cost, what exactly it is, etc. Thanks, Hank.
    5. Doublebullhead
      Hey dan I made a post a while ago about drawing a bear tag in wisconsin, you said you had some experience baiting, where are you at in west central wi
    6. Matt9589
    7. talk the walk
      talk the walk
      Dan I've been in other forums and used your imput. I just want to say thanks the responce has been out standing...............Thanks again. Valentine
    8. talk the walk
      talk the walk
      I am having problems with the site didn't mean to do that.
    9. talk the walk
      talk the walk
      Dan thanks for your input I knew I would take some heat with a new concept. Whats the gimmick? Is there a sound associated with white tails walking in the forest and why wouldnt you apply it to your calling. After all we try to dublicate everything else as bow hunters. This is the most common sound hands down......in 18 bow seasons I never heard a growl or roar have you? How many times have you heard deer even when you couldnt see em but knew it was deer moving in to your stand area? I wonder if one of the big names came out with this if your thoughts would be different? Thanks again
    10. SilentSling
      Can you help me out here this deer piled up thing is kicking my a$$...Please delete or tell me how do I delete a thread. This was not well thought through...Sorry!
    11. Iamyourhuckleberry
      Congrats on your speed goat Dan! Justin told me a little about it. Way to go buddy!
    12. Nate Chambers
      Nate Chambers
      Hey Dan, Nate here from Top Notch (booth across from you guys at the Madison expo). I just thought I would drop you a line and see what was new with you guys. Any big potential shooters on camera? I dont know if you remember the sheds we had up there of the big typical 11 but we have him on camera again and believe he may be the new state record typical.
    13. Indiana Hunter
      Indiana Hunter
      It was nice meeting you Dan at the expo. The bear hunt will be here before we know it and I am ready to put down my first black bear!
    14. octhereicome
      nevermind sir i got it thanks alot tho!
    15. dawg007
      Where is this blog you talking about? LOL I want to look!
    16. Sliverflicker
      New member posting porn "TedICE" Posted in Robs thread First Woman Grand Slam
    17. Hoyt 'N' It
      Hoyt 'N' It
      whats up man how are things going up in canada?
    18. OHbowhntr
      Bow classified section spammer, just posted.....
    19. islandstand
      No truer words have I read in quite awhile. Very nice Big Red. I do believe that all things happen for a reason. I believe you two weren't supposed to head back this week, your supposed to head back and put braske buck down next year when he's bigger.
    20. dukemichaels

      Make sure you guys keep me updated on your Illinois trip next week. I'm pulling for you two.
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    Feb 10, 1977 (Age: 47)
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    NW Wisconsin


    NW Ontario Bear Hunting and Fishing
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