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Die Hard Bowhunter

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Sep 23, 2018
    1. Legion_Edge
      Hey man I will be out there tomorrow night, with my buddy we have a tent and everything. We were curious how much we should pitch in towards food? Hope all is going well out there looks like y'all have put some deer down nice! I'm excited
    2. kpatterson
      I have been going through the thread about hte Colorado elk hunting camp for 2014.
      As I posted I am planning on coming to Colorado in 2015 with a friend for an archery elk hunt. I would prefer to stay in camp with everyone to gather their knowledge, help pack an elk out if someone connects, and last but not least enjoy the company of fellow hunters.
      The only issue that my friend has is that he needs to have access to a shower every couple of days so he can take care of some personal health issues... I noticed that you posted about a rental shower inside a laundry mat. What are the details pertaining to that shower?
      Thanks in advance!

    3. SouthernGa.Tracker
      You every been in the woods and had to do ur number two buisness, and after wards looked over and seen a monster scrape, and also a deer rub was close. I fear i wont see this buck for a while if even at all. I buried my buis deep after butt just saying . what u think
    4. Podobed45
      elk bow hunt- i saw you said "lets make it happen" are you an outfitter? shoot me some info or a contact person. i would like to do so next year
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