Dec 11, 2008
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Springfield, IL

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    1. Western MA Hunter
      Western MA Hunter
      Great Competition this year... Team 4 had us on the edges of seats the whole way. Congrats to you and your team on a great season! You guys are class acts. Good luck with turkey season!
    2. rsf31tmp
      rsf31tmp sticker on the back of the truck and a "L" and a "S" on the plates?

    3. rsf31tmp
      Hey, would you have been going North on Route 4 through Chatham this morning around 6:25? Chevy truck?

      If so I was right behind you. I just moved from Rochester to Chatham last month
    4. foodplot19
      The other day when I got the quote the Postmaster told me w/o an exact address he couldn't get an exact price. Well, when my wife went up there yesterday to send it the final price was $19.90 instead of $22.80.
      We owe you $2.74. We'll send you a check for the difference. Is it good to send the check to the address we sent the stand to?
    5. foodplot19
      Here it is,
      9505 5112 1104 5288 3575 74
      Our only option was 2 Day Priority Mail.
    6. foodplot19
      It is in the mail.
      Thank You again.
    7. foodplot19
      It appears that with USPS it will be $22.80.
      He said due to the size of the box and that there wasn't any slow routes to Springfield IL.
      I can check UPS if you want.
    8. foodplot19
      Sounds good to me.
    9. foodplot19
      I'm with ya on cheap. We just moved to this place in December.
      If you remember the movie The Money Pit? We live there now.

      I thought we had a box to fit the stand. Wrong. It went out on one of those "I'm tired of looking at it, throw it away days." I had to "make" a box fit it.

      I believe you're right about the USPS being cheaper.
      I'll let you know tomorrow.
      Thanks for your patience.
    10. foodplot19
      Do you have a shipping preference? I can't get a good quote without taking the package to them. I go by UPS and USPS on the way home from work. Are either of those good for you?
    11. rsf31tmp
      I hope so, Friday is a walk-through practice for us, so I am hoping for a after school hunt and then again on Saturday am. Maybe another on Sunday?
    12. rsf31tmp
      Hey, I was just wondering how you bowhunting season has been? I had a few nice hunts down by waverly, saw about 30 does and one buck. Saw 7 does in Buckhart about ten days ago on my last hunt. Football has kept me too busy! Maybe I will get out a few times this weekend? Love to hear how you are doing!

    13. rsf31tmp
      hey, I live in Rochester and hunt around Rochester, Buckhart and Sangchris as well as a little down southwest of Waverly. I have seen your posts for a while, but never paid attention to your Springfield, IL home. Do you hunt around Springfield or out west?

      Just checking in, Troy
    14. HawgNSonsTV
      Do you have some videos? I see the comment below. I'd like to watch them if you'd be nice enough to share.
    15. InsaneArchery
      I'd like to put your video up on the InsaneArchery website. Please send me an email (email address below) so we can coordinate.

      Brian Piltz
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