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Jan 28, 2019
Jul 24, 2008
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Jul 1, 1965 (Age: 53)
southern Indiana

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Moderator/BHOD Prostaff, 53, from southern Indiana

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Jan 28, 2019
    1. Adam Willis
      Adam Willis
      Hey, I saw your old post about that Iron Buck target can you tell me where you got it? I am trying to get one for our shop.
    2. in da woods
      in da woods
      hey Blood crik, buddy, pal, what happened? Alternate sign up? I signed up on the turkey contest main sign up. I didn't see a time frame posted for signing up. why did the last 4 people get put on the alternate list when they signed up the same main sign up post?
      . So, if no one else signs up we're out???!!!
    3. CoveyMaster
      Hey, what happened to last years winning team from the shed hunting contest? I just noticed today there is no team 6 thread in the score thread.
    4. bloodcrick
      As of now all spots are filled, sorry man !!
    5. JWD
      Hey bloodcrick, I missed the shed signups due to a broken computer, I was wondering if there is still a spot for me? Thanks.
    6. bloodcrick
      your very welcome, same to you!
    7. rageinthecage51
      Thanks Dan. I really appreciate the quick response! Have a great day!
    8. bloodcrick
      Hey Rage
      Old scraped are very ideal to put drippers over, there usually used year after year. Personally I like setting up on a scrape down wind of it 50-80 yard away. most cases a Buck will scent check it from a distance.
    9. rageinthecage51
      Hey Dan I have a question for you. I just scouted out a new spot on public land that has 2 scrapes from last year about 20 yards apart. Would you recommend putting a mock scrape or Tinks dripper over one? And what do you think of putting a stand over the scrape instead of a bait pile? Thanks
    10. bloodcrick
      I have 3 out at the moment, 2 bucks have started showing up now on two of them! The drags I have had good luck with!
    11. rageinthecage51
      Hey Dan. I knew Jeff was talking about taking a break but I didn't know he was leaving the team. I'm sure that he will keep in touch. I have a question for you... Do you have any mock scrapes out yet? I see that some of the guys on the episodes already have them out. I hunt public land and I can't officially bait or place any type of lure until September 16th. I do like the Tinks drag system, I may have to buy a couple soon.
    12. bloodcrick
      Hey Matt glad to see you on here! Jeff actually stepped down from the staff earlier this year!
    13. rageinthecage51
      Good morning Dan. My name is Matt Block. I'm a big fan of BHOD and I used to film hunts for Jeff Kaye who is on your prostaff team. I have just purchased my first camera arm and camera so I can start self filming my hunts this year. I will have some questions for you in the future but for now I just wanted to say hello. Proud to know ya.

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    Jul 1, 1965 (Age: 53)
    southern Indiana



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