Yep, another Bow hunter Noob.

Discussion in 'Introductions - New User Forum' started by Jim Mitchell, Nov 25, 2018.

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    Hello Bow hunting community,
    I'm Jim and i'm an alcoholic, oops wrong meeting.
    Ahem, I'm Jim and i'm new to Bow hunting.
    Shot target re-curve for the last 6 years and am looking forward to the challenges hunting with a Bow.
    I live in Wellington New Zealand where hunting of Goats, Red deer, rabbits is year round, as long as it's not on someones farm.
    Am shooting targets and 3D to build my confidence with My Obsession fixation 6Xp (which i F-ing love by the way), yer none of that "you should buy something cheap to see if you like it" stuff for me, I've gone balls deep from the get go.
    I have already read some great advice on this site and am looking forward to sharing my hunt stories.


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