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    Anyone know of a great windproof full side zip pant? I have looked at all the top tier hunting clothes companies and nobody has a semi-packable windproof pant. I wish Sitka gear made a jet stream pant. I know they have the stratus pant and they’re fantastic, but just not quite packable enough.

    my primary need is for saddle hunting. So I’m looking for a quite pant (like the jet stream jacket) so I can put it in my pack and put it on over my boots when I get to my location. A couple of my hunts are on big national forest and I camp for days and hunt from there. Some camps are up to nearly 10 miles in (9.8), so there’s the extreme end of being packable. Rain gear and puffy gear are too loud for bow hunt (my opinion(which is all that matters when I decide to buy or pack something)).

    Any one know of a top tier pant that fits the bill? maybe there’s others on here looking for the same thing...

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