Vixia R600 or R700 Series

Discussion in 'Videography & Photography' started by tynimiller, Oct 13, 2016.

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    Anyone utilize these as a second angle cam? Or have in the past?

    These are not LANC enabled so I am sure most of the crowd here doesn't use them as main cam but I got a line on a appears like new in box R600.... I have been waiting to buy a used G20 from someone or nab one from the refurb store direct from Canon, but this deal is better than the refurbed offering Canon currently has on the R600 on their site and I'd trust this deal as much as a refurbished one.

    Any thoughts or experiences...?

    (Just to be clear this will not eliminate my hopes and plans for a G20 in the future...just might postpone it and restart the savings fund some)
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