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Utah born Rock Mountain Hunter

Discussion in 'Introductions - New User Forum' started by Charles Wallace, Sep 6, 2017.

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    Sep 6, 2017
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    Well gents, ladies, I am a Utah native planted here in Minnesota now for 11 years
    I hunted the Rockies my whole life, both Rifle and bows, would like to start bow hunting here
    Well here I am now 60 years old living in Minnesota
    Trying to figure out the Bow hunting here so I can get out, even being disabled
    I would like to hunt the 601 area of the state
    because there I have scouted some nice deer and need to know if I can even hunt the area I want
    Just a small patch of land that seems to be public land around a few little lakes in that area.

    Having the Rocky mountains in my back yard my whole life, kind of spoiled me on deer and Elk, Moose and Rocky mountain sheep being a once in a lifetime Kill. I have hunted Cougar, Bear and Bobcat, yet that was in the 70s and 80s when they were plentiful in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.
    Now I am involved in Fishing adventures for Disabled, Elders, and Troubled youth. Taking these groups out on free guided fishing trips around the Metro Area. Working with Fishing for Life, who works with Big Brothers program, Teen Challenge, Wounded Warriors, and Children of deployed military families. Been working with these people for about 5 years now and wanting to expand my own adventures, by bow hunting deer each season that I can or have left where my body will allow me to hunt.
    If anyone has some pointers, maybe some Private land I can hunt, It would be well appreciated and I know you would be blessed by helping out
    God bless

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