Upper Peninsula MI?

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Longdraw, Aug 13, 2016.

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    Dupage CO. IL
    Looking for some general info about the UP.
    My in-laws just bought a vacation home an hour west of Marquette.
    I'd love to bowhunt there in early Oct, then hunt down in IL late Oct-Nov.

    Can I bait?
    Should I carry a pistol for bears?
    Bear, elk hunting prospects?

    I know I know, I'll get a full book of regulations soon. I just had a few minutes to ask on here.

    Thanks y'all.

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    Murder Mitten
    Da U.P. is awesome, only been there twice but they were both great trips. Iv'e been west both times, once to Ontonagon and the other trip was to Escanaba. When I went bear hunting the only bear I saw was a 90 lb male some 91 year old man shot at our bear camp, I saw a badger and a fisher :(...I hear more stories about the wolves than the bear, but even those are few and far between. Late September, early October is awesome for colors in the trees and the moose seem to be active, almost hit one as he looked down into my pickups window..crazy.

    Check carry laws for the pistol but shouldn't need it. May be able to get a leftover for bear but elk isn't likely, I got seven points..

    Can bait Sept 15 - Jan 1

    Have Fun its a great trip!
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    People's Republic of IL
    Be prepared for some zone-specific antler restrictions. The MI DNR website is a good place to start.
    I believe that they recently began allowing CC holders to carry a pistol during bow season, but please confirm that- also, I don't know if IL and MI at reciprocal in regards to CC permit recognition.

    I bowhunt the lower peninsula every year and I get a Sportsmans license which allows me (in my zone) 2 tags= ~$360 !) to take 1 deer with less than 3 points on one side, and one buck with 4 or more on one side. For instance, if I shoot a doe first, then whatever deer I shoot next MUST have 4 or more on one side. Conversely, if I shoot a 4x whatever first, my remaining tag is unrestricted. So we try to shoot a tender young 4x whatever first, then we can hunt whatever we want. So if it gets towards the end of the season I can still fill my freezer if not hang one on the wall.

    I know that seems backwards, but we hunt public land only so a 2-3 yr old 120" deer is considered a trophy. From what I hear/see from Up North, the bodies are big but the racks not so much.

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