TruGlo Archer’s Choice Range-Rover Pro Green Dot Sight

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    I recently purchased the TruGlo sight listed above. BH member Bmoyer mentioned that he would be interested in a review. it is:

    I bought it from Amazon for $150.14 (it has since gone up to $156.14), and is listed even higher on the TruGlo website at a MSRP of $245.00 -- so if you're thinking of giving one a the prices.

    The sight itself is well made and very sturdy, weight is a little over 1 pound. I installed it on my Bear Anarchy HC without any problems. The sight frame has two options for mounting the quiver - one static, the other tilt adjustable...a nice feature. I set center shot using the RS String Level, and RS Vari Nock Level, but had to wait a couple days to actually sight the bow in. I went to the range yesterday and took care of that.

    Using the "test tape" I set elevation for 20, 30, and 40 yards...marking the yardage for each distance on the "test tape"...then I matched one of the provided sight tapes to the yardage marks (there are 40 tapes provided). The thumb wheel yardage adjuster is smooth and easy to use, it locks down securely, and the sight has a "maximum" yardage feature that you can set at whatever distance you desire.

    The sight I received is not exactly like the ones shown in advertisements on-line, or on the TruGlo website. The ones normally pictured have 11 marked brightness levels for the green dot, and adjustment is made by turning the combination battery cover/distance ring. The sight I received has two adjustment buttons, marked "-" and "+" on top of the battery cover. I'm not sure if this a new model, or an older model, but the buttons work well and I like the way they operate. Not sure how easy they would be to use with thicker gloves though. Battery life is advertised as 700 hours, the unit will shut itself off after 4 hours, or you can turn it off immediately after use by depressing the "-" and "+' buttons simultaneously. I noticed, what for me is a slight drawback, at the higher brightness settings the green dot shows a "halo" effect. Now I have pretty old eyes and wear glasses...and that probably contributes to see a halo around the dot. There is no halo effect at the lower brightness settings (1 through about 5), and the dot is visible and easy to pick up. My old sight was a TruGlo 5-pin model - I didn't realize just how much of the target was obscured by that ganged set of 5 pins...this new sight has a wide open field of view and the entire bullseye target, 3D target, or deer vitals target is clearly visible. I like that a lot!

    I primarily shoot target and 3D, but wouldn't hesitate to use this sight for hunting. Can it be used if the battery dies?, or the green dot fails to illuminate? -- yes, but not under really low light conditions. I turned the battery off, and under bright cloudy skies I was still able to see the center circle, vertical and horizontal reticle, and what appears to be an engraved spot right where the green dot would illuminate when powered on. I'm pleased with the purchase and look forward to many years of service.

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