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Total newbie- looking for advice on practice arrows

Discussion in 'Bowhunt or Die® - Web Show' started by Steve wasilewski, Apr 8, 2023.

  1. Steve wasilewski

    Steve wasilewski Newb

    Apr 8, 2023
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    Hello all,
    I am new to archery in general, but would like to begin deer hunting after I can get my skills going. I took the one day for hunting class that my state offers/requires for a license, Bonobo, and took a lesson at a nearby archery range. I practice in my backyard a couple of times, so essentially I’m brand new with this.
    As I’m trying to work on my aim, I’ve unfortunately broken a few areas as they go off into my backstop (the woods). I’ve built of rickety backstop out of very heavy duty, corrugated cardboard that has been working, well, given that I’ve been missing slightly high.
    One thing that I’m trying to do right now is not spend a ton of money on arrows, that I will likely mess up due to practicing at someone new with this. I brought an arrow to the archery shop for my lesson that I actually got off of Amazon for very cheap and the guy told me just to throw them away because they’d possibly mess up the bow because of their overall cheap quality. He of course gave me some decent ones but sold them to me for about $35 for five of them.
    I was curious if you all might have some recommendations for me for arrows that I could use while I’m still new and practicing that won’t break the bank if I miss and they head off into the backwoods, but also out of a good enough quality where they’re not gonna mess anything up for near my bow.
    Thanks in advance-I look forward to getting better, beginning, hunting this fall and share. My experience is back on this forum!
  2. wl704

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    Jun 25, 2012
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    greater-Charlotte NC
    Specific recommendations would probably vary based on your bow. Style of bow, make/model, draw weight and draw length (to some degree).

    For most arrows, you're likely to pay more per arrow than the deal the guy at the shop offered. Assuming you have a compound and are shooting maybe ~50#...Bass pro shop's house brand 'black outs' are ok, gold tip another brand that will run sales from time to time. There are lots of others out there and others may be able to steer you, if you tell a bit about your bow...

    Before spending a bunch on arrows you're worried about, maybe start with a larger target, shoot closer of needed. Consistency is important and getting some advice at a shop or from a knowledgeable person who can identify a few key areas for you to work on, may also help you on the way.

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