Too good to pass up!! Sights and attachments!

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    Guys and Gals, due to a elbow surgery pending I won't be shooting a bow for a very long time and I don't want all my gear sitting around so I'm letting some of it go at your benefit. My wife thinks I'm crazy! But when the time comes ill just build a new rig....

    This is the original Hog Father with 2 extra housing sets purchased. ABSOLUTLY, love this sight for hunting and target competitions..i use the 1 pin for western open hunting and target, i use the 3 pin for southeastern hunting where you dont have time to adjust. Original Hogg Father $400. Each additional housing cost me approx $200 each.

    $500 for the whole sight package.
    Spott Hogg Hog Father complete Package:
    -1 Pin Housing
    -1 Post 2 Pin Housing with dual-pin reader
    -3 Pin Housing
    -5 piece multi-ring set
    -2 calibration books
    -case and all standard parts.

    Vendetta 2 Bow Mounted Range Finder
    Original cost was $300. Ill let it go with the Spott Hogg for an extra

    (Brand New)Predator Hunter Outdoor - Razorback, NightSnipe Hunting Lights used once for pig hunting, once for coyote hunting. Mounts to your bow or rifle. This is the complete Package. Ill let it go with the other 2 items for an extra $100.

    Ill do the spott hogg for $500 ($525 for shipping) or whole order for $750 to your door for shipping cost.
    20200914_132602.jpg 20200914_120601.jpg 20200914_120618.jpg 20200914_120612.jpg 20200914_120634.jpg 20200914_120647.jpg 20200914_120803.jpg 20200914_120758.jpg 20200914_121006.jpg 20200914_120959.jpg 20200914_132602.jpg 20200914_120601.jpg 20200914_120618.jpg 20200914_120612.jpg
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