Tips for Tracking Wounded Game

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    Everyone dreams of scoring a big trophy whitetail deer, but what do you do when you do not land a kill shot? Learning to trail wounded deer is an important part of any successful deer hunt.

    One of the most important things you can do after you take the shot is to wait a moment and wait for a response from the animal. Continue to watch the deer until it is actually out of your sight and carefully listen for any further responses or actions. Make a note of any landmarks in the area that can assist you with marking the trail that a wounded animal might make.

    How long should you wait? Different hunters have different theories regarding the most appropriate amount of time to wait before trailing a wounded deer. If you wait for a little while, it will give the deer time to lie down. On the other hand, if you begin tracking immediately, you can ensure that the wounds do not have enough time to begin coagulating thus allowing for a steading trail for tracking. Keep in mind that at times, the trail for downed game can be lost if the animal decides to double back. Walking in concentric circles can aid with re-establishing the trail.
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