The Quintessential Backpack Prep

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    Has anyone come dangerously close to achieving complete satisfaction with your basic camping pack organization? As a bowhunter who infrequently spends 1-10 days in the field living out of a pack, I would be very interested in posts listing the items you carry for any overnight stay with an addendum for items added (besides food) based on the number of nights spent in the field. You might even segregate hot, mild and cold weather conditions for certain items. This is something I and many others (based on what I see in various hunting forums) struggle with all the time.

    Nobody I know has suggested they have developed the quintessential pack item list and while individual selections will always vary (for example, I always camp in a hammock) I know there are items I could lose and/or might consider adding…especially in the First Aid dept. I recently stepped up to a Kifaru DT1 with alot extras (pockets, Longhunter lid, Woobie, meat & stuff sacks, Grab-it, etc) but now it’s time to get more serious with the list of pack items that are optional and mandatory so I can utilize the numerous pullouts effectively and cut unnecessary weight. For us with less experience, your assistance in this area could be invaluable. Care to share your expertise and lessons learned the hard way?

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