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Discussion in 'Traditional Archery' started by afishhunter, Jan 15, 2021.

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    1a) I know the string length for a recurve bow is "4 inches shorter than the AMO length".

    2b) Is the "AMA Length" the bow length strung or unstrung?

    Semi-Related Question:

    70 pound draw @ 28 inches. (roughly 50 to 55 pound draw at my at a minimum "pathetic" 23 inch draw length; I'm deformed/crippled) D&Q take-down recurve bow, aluminum riser.

    D&Q doesn't bother to give the AMA length. The string that came with it is approximately two inches/50.8mm too short... possibly as much as 2.5 inches/63.5mm too short.

    Which option in your opinion is "best"?

    a) Order a B50 or B55 (what's the difference between a "B50"and "B55"? Honestly? I don't know. Is it "one ends with a five, and one ends with a zero"?) Flemish Twist string (not fast flight. i don't know if the bow is compatible or not) for a 62 inch AMA recurve.

    b) Try to get one of the Staffettes here to take the bow to the "local" (note quotes) Archery Pro Shop, and have them make a string the correct length ... and possibly trim 5 inches or so off the arrows and assemble with 100 or 125 grain inserts ... I'm hoping to use this bow for hunting (why I went with the heavy draw; I need 45 or 50 pounds at my pathetic or worse draw length to be legal) - provided I can hit what I'm shooting at with a recurve bow. I can hit my target with a compound bow, no problem. however, I haven't shot a recurve since roughly 1972 or 1973 in High School gym class. I am aware a compound bow and recurve/longbow shoot differently.

    I know I need heavy arrows. The last thing I want is to shoot a Whitetail and/or Black Tail deer/Elk/Moose/ Mountain Goat/Bighorn Sheep/Antelope/ or Turkey (all are available in this state) and watch my arrow bounce off, and the target critter look around for the mosquito or fly that bit him or her.
    (I'll be using fixed blade broadheads. They are required here. No expanding/mechanicals, no matter what bow and critter you're shooting. They be banned across the board.)

    c) Forget using a vertical bow, swallow/choke on my "pride", and get a handicapped permit to hunt with my crossbow during the archery seasons.
    Crossbow is archery. They ain't a gun. Using one don't guarantee meat in the freezer. Firearm, muzzleloader (traditional or otherwise) or bow, the only way I know of that's guaranteed to put meat in the freezer is to go to the grocer and buy some fish/seafood, beef, pork, or fowl. (admittedly, that is probably more budget friendly than hunting ...)

    d) Forget using a bow of any type, and just hunt with my (traditional sidelock) muzzleloader.
    (.54 caliber. Exceeds the minimum caliber for all game critter in the state, including bear .... if I ever want a bear skin rug or blanket, and was/am too daRn stupid to just buy one already made.)
    (I hope I'm never that stupid...)

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