Still hunting windy days

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    Still hunting through bedding areas mid-day can produce. Deer have several stomachs and have to regurgitate their food and chew their cud like a cow in order to digest their food. Lanny Benoit said it best, "if you jump that buck, you might as well sit down and have a sandwich, that buck ain't goin nowheres, he's gotta chew his cud". Cold fronts tell the deer to put on the feedbag. You can take advantage of this by still hunting through bedding areas on a windy day when the whole landscape is moving.Take your time and move with each gust. Move towards cover within the cover. I had some good looks at does but was hoping for a shooter buck. The majority of the deer that I jumped were always tucked in around trees or shrubs in no mans land in the grass field. I kept following the jumped deer and was able to jump them multiple times. They only went 200 or so yards at a time and went for more trees or shrubs and would lay back down to chew their cud; knowing they had ample cover. It's no different than the old lady making you do chores after a holiday meal. You're gonna get your butt out of the chair and then lay right back down and sleep it off. If you keep at it the odds will eventually fall in your favor. I headed for a stand of trees and got within 20 yards of a small buck that rose from his bed and gave me time for a broadside shot. He was lucky he wasn't a few years older. The next time you get blown out of the stand on a windy day, have your sandwich and get that buck.
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