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Discussion in 'Food Plots & Habitat Improvement' started by oldnotdead, Jun 1, 2019.

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    Because we own on two sides of the road we have a huge difference in land terrain per side. I've been concentrating most of my land improvement on the Southern side. It has better soil and workable terrain. The North side is shale. Much steeper with shale on top, 6 streams flowing down hill in the middle to separate into two and ending in a small swamp/ bog ending at another road. Plus it is very narrow 411 ft at it's widest shaped in an L. The longest is a half mile and the other section is 1600ft. The southern side is 1300 ft squared.

    That all said I have started working on the small upper parcel of the North side. I planted two plot trails and a tiny plot. Then hinged a whole bunch of bad trees. The shale section has a bunch of standing dead timber I am going to drop. The best I can do on this is bring in more light and bedding cover to the top area and leave the stream swamp area.
    What type of land challenges do you have?

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