Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Double Pin

Discussion in 'Bowhunting Talk' started by copperhead, Apr 19, 2016.

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    Last year I decided to switch to a single pin and loved. However I got busted a few times trying to make adjustments at the last minute. Due to that I decided to switch back to a 5 pin sight. After getting it all zeroed in I discover that my eyes aint what they used and 5 pins clutter the sight picture bad. This is making it hard for me to see the target at 60 yards clearly.

    After long deliberation I decided to try the Fast Eddie with the double pin. The thought was a could at least use the second pin as a reference when deciding where to hole if I had to change at the last minute.

    Last night I unboxed the Fast Eddie and got it all setup on the Defcon. This evening I decided that I would get the sight set up for 20. Amazingly enough with the sight bottomed out the top pin was almost perfect for 20. I slight adjust to the left and all was good. So I decided to drop back to 40 and see where the second pin was hitting. Much to my surprise it was about 2 inches high at 40. Walked up to 30 and put the top pin in the back of the Glendel buck and the second pin on the bottom of chest and I was dead center of the chest cavity. So from initial testing I should be able to effectively shot out to 40 with ever moving the pin.

    Tomorrow I will work on getting the correct sight tape on there but so far I am happy as a clam with the double pin setup even though the second pin is not movable. Also for those of you that don't like the exposed gears of the Fast Eddie you can not get the double pin for any of the Hogg Mob sights.

    Also it comes with the large sight ring. One yellow ring, one green ring and another yellow ring. This helps to center the sight if you have a larger peep sight for low light.

    SO far so good lets hope it stays that way!!
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    Sounds awesome Cop. I'm getting a new sight this year and was contemplating a 1 pin and a slider combo myself. Glad to hear you like it.

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