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    We had a huge flood here in 97 and I found about 150 dead deer.
    Lots of deer were crawling into abandoned barns and curling up in old straw. Found many dead there.
    Maybe 12-15 years ago, I had an idea to get some squares of bails and carry them into strategic spots to see if I could get deer to bed in them.
    MAN did it work!!
    Been kinda refining the spots over the last few years to Target bucks with wind\cover\ terrain taken into effect.
    Took a walk looking for sheds today and took a couple pics.
    Don't know how to post them from my flip phone but can send them to someone who can?

    Have found quite a few sheds in the"beds" over the years.

    Dark\ gloomy areas with a tight overhead canopy seem the best!!
    Also, close to a doe travel route.
    A big tipped over log as a backdrop is KEY!!
    The big buck I shot this past fall was bedded in the straw before he got up and made his way for the shot.
    Pain in the ass to get them bails back into tight cover during the heat of the summer but...
    Just thought I'd share something I've been doing with great results.
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