So, we are on red alert...

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by Vabowman, Jan 12, 2021.

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    Wonder what this is going to do to annual rallies?

    Here, every year they hold IGOLD(cancelled last yearand maybe this year), IL Gun Owner's Lobby Day, and have a big rally at the convention center about 8 blocks away. March to the Capitol where a few more speakers and a couple Reps. and Sens. speak. Then everyone drops their signs and enter the Capitol. From there you finr you Rep and Sen offices and drop off cards to let them know you were there and did not support legislation that took away rights etc.

    Both Chambers are normally in session and holding committee hearings.

    You were allowed to go into the gallery and watch the floor sessions, go into committees and listen to thwm debate articles to be voted on for floor consideration and pretty much let them see your presence. It wasn't/isn't for intimidation purposes, but to let them know their constituents are always watching and we do not want our rights amd freedoms stripped.

    Never a hitch, maybe a small 3" blade Old Timer accidentally forgotten in a pocket was held at the entrance for pick up upon leaving, but never an arrest, never a lockdown, never an outburst and never a riot.

    There's still reminders here visually of 9/11/01, buoys forbidding boaters from tubing or fishing too close to the power plant etc. I'm just wondering about the ramifications these clowns have caused on these type of events in the future. I can see Dem. ran states trying to forbid them, we'll see in the year(s) ahead.

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    The gates are closed on the development any trespassers can be shot according to Florida state statute, too bad all I have a fiberglass shovel handle but it will work.

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