So about Clinton's shot...

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    it "could" have been hitting a fletch or cam hitting the chair...but it was most likely severe wrist/string torque. I had same thing happen on a deer that twisted me into a pretzel last fall. Less than 30 yards, and my arrow porpoised and cork screwed right under his throat. I've clipped many a fletch and had some bad whipsawing but not that cork screw effect.

    Watch Clinton get into position to take that shot and you see how severely he twists his body, which likely means he torqued his wrist.

    Even if that wasn't the cause here, something to keep in mind.

    Great live episode! Carry on

    Edit- I had somehow missed the original episode. Just watched it and Clinton had nothing to be ashamed of or feel bad about. Took a good shot, wasn't sure and backed out. After watching the video knew he had a bad hit and waited overnight. Honestly if it weren't for the 'yotes that deer maybe takes 2-3 days to die, he never finds it and the meat goes to total waste.

    The deer died, Clinton did the right thing by waiting overnight, put in the effort the next day by tracking it hundreds of yards and found it. At the end of the day, everything's gotta eat. That's just wasn't Clinton's day to eat.
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    Yeah we all have bad days and this was a good day that went bad. He’s still hard on himself about it

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