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    Not a deer or turkey hunting report but might lead to one later this season.
    My wife got a text a few days ago, asking if I could take him squirrel hunting. I mentioned this to a lady who is one of my hunter education instructors. She invited us to hunt their small farm.
    We got there early yesterday morning. Sara showed us around, comparing the description of her property lines with a nice map, marked with the lines and some physical landmarks.
    Brody and I started out toward the back of her property which had a large stand of hardwoods. We started officially about 8:30. We sat at a few places but didn't see anything. The last place we sat, I saw one squirrel jump from limb to limb but way too far for my 12 gauge. The next one was too close for my 1 ounce #6 loads. At 15 feet, there would be nothing left. Brody wasn't in a good position to get a shot with a .177 pellet gun. Later, I saw two does come down to a creek. I tried to sneak over to Brody but they spotted me, snorted and took off.
    OK, we didn't get anything for the pot or skillet but we had a good time. Brody is really into the outdoors. He bought some fishing tackle and got a camo outfit for the hunt. My line of thinking- we got to spend time together and enjoy a very small part of Creation. Oh yes, we stood on a ridge and looked at a beaver pond and dam on the property next door. I'll never forget what he told me and later his grandmother- "People think you have to kill when hunting. That is all wrong." He also said he saw on the Internet- Hunting wouldn't be possible without grandpas. What more could I ask for? We got an open invitation from Sara and Jeremy to come back anytime. Deer, turkeys and small game will make for reasons to visit and hunt.
    "Lord, just give me a few more years."
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    Love it

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