Robotic Archery Target

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    This robotic archery target that I have been practicing with is absolutely amazing. The target comes with a remote control that you can hand over to your friend and let him drive around the platform with the target on top, or you can flip a switch at the top of the remote and it will run around by itself in 3 different patterns that can relate to a real life hunting scenario. It has back and forth mode, it can go out to 20 yards all by itself, and you can choose many more modes that are offered. We have also used this target for injured people who cannot get around that well to allow the target to bring your arrows back to you after you are done shooting! We also have autonomous mowers and 4WD platforms to allow you to accomplish almost any task that you can imagine. In some places that four wheelers are not accessible, we use these machines to hook up a deer cart and pull them through the woods! Give us a call or send us an email by visiting our website and we can get everyone hooked up with a robotic archery target to help you become more comfortable with taking a walking shot in the woods! Thank you guys and I hope to hear some feedback on our product!

    The website is

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