Resurrecting a mtn bike for hunting. Go single-speed w/pedal brakes?

Discussion in 'DIY Archery & Hunting Projects' started by hawkman71, Aug 25, 2019.

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    Got an old, bright, greenish-blue, Miele mtn bike that I want to convert to a hunting bike for gamelands. The brakes and shifting components are old school and I thought it would be easier, maybe cheaper, and hopefully a bit maintenance-free down the road. It'd be nice to NOT deal with cables or loud derailleurs if out of adjustment.

    There are lots of YouTube videos out there regarding single speed conversions but I'm curious if any of you have gone this route.

    For the most part, I hunt in flat country. Flat uplands with river bottoms.

    First post other than introduction. Thanks for your time.


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