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    Full-time Kansas Hunting and Deer Management Position (These two ranches have never been commercially hunted. We will be spending the first year just getting ready for the next year. If you love whitetails, this could be an amazing opportunity.)
    Thousands of acres of fair chase deer hunting outside of Salina, Kansas

    Applicants should have experience in all aspects of ranch work, commercial hunting operations, deer management, guide management, guiding, and tons of knowledge/experience of white tail hunting.

    Looking for someone self-motivated and dependable. Applicants should be able to work as a team and take a personal interest in the ranch and operations. Should also be able to work alone and think of things that need to be done.

    Job will include all types of ranch work. This would include planting food plots, fixing water leaks, plumbing, general equipment maintenance, brush control and spraying, tractor work, mowing, general farming, welding, taking care of lodges and facilities, managing hunters arrivals/departures. Applicants should be willing to do any ranch work that could be needed on a ranch.

    This is a commercial hunting operation for Whitetail and Turkey. Duties will include: Put together tree stands/feeders/blinds, brush and maintain over 200 stands, filling corn feeders, filling protein feeders, maintenance of feeders and hunting blinds, Guiding, Preparing for clients, taking care of clients, predator control, game management, running /analyzing game cameras (Scouting and studying the deer daily”). Should be willing to do any work that relates to hunting operations.

    Throughout hunting season, and especially during hunts there will be longer hours. Employee must be willing to guide or help on all hunts, scout before hunts and during the season, and help in game management. Part of getting ready for the hunts includes preparing for next group of hunters, cleaning up around the lodge, gathering fire wood, cleaning blinds, etc.

    This is a management position on the ranch. Depending on the time of year and what needs to be done, must be willing to be flexible on hours. There are times when we have to work a little late or even on weekends.

    As a manager/head guide, must be willing to scout/patrol property morning and night one more prior to deer season, and every day during deer season. While there may or may not be work on the weekends, employee must be willing to check on water, livestock, etc.

    Our hope is this will be a long term position. Overall, looking for someone who obsessed with white tail deer and bow hunting, is extremely “wood smart”, loves making hunts successful, and is diligent on taking and following thru with owner’s rules. Someone who can be trusted and counted on to take care of the ranches as it was their own, and who is great at communicating with Team and Clients.

    Housing will be available on the Ranch. Other benefits will be negotiable.

    Please email resumes to: jimarnold.tiww@yahoo.com

    We will contact qualified applicants with more information.

    Please include any information on experience and past work, as well as any salary requirements.

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