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    I just felt compelled to write this, and I'm not much of a writer and no I am not endorsed by Option Archery. But I've had my Quivalizer for little over a year, and ever time I shoot my bow I am just impressed with how well it works.
    While I do see more people shooting one, I am surprised that more people have not gone to this product. It flat works!!
    So in the end I guess I'm curious to why some of you have not...either tried it or gone to using it? Is it the radical change from the traditional look...worried about using it in the woods...the effect the wind has on it...removing arrow from the "wrong side of the bow"...cause I'm hear to tell you just shoot it!! I have shot this in every condition you can think of.. I hunt in the alpine mountains after velvet bucks, the deep tight forest after elk, to the windy plains and none of those concerns are warranted.

    Just my two cents...
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    I like it a lot, for some hunts it's a game changer if weight is a concern. The only negative I have on it was it on couple of insane windy day in WY this past Sept too much of a wind sale. However, I just took it off and shot without it.
    I like it enough to have it in the line up on some hunts.

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