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    I hunt in West Virginia on my property, I went out bow hunting Saturday.. well where I placed my blind I couldn’t reach out far enough we’ll prob could but it’s thick it’s a place I consider there sanctuary. I don’t go in or hunt directly in there I hunt outside of it so they got a place to be safe and that’s basically there home I let alone, well any who I try to draw them out it’s rut right now I saw 4 5 different bucks chasing does.. the does wasn’t cooperating and running the bucks further out instead of bringing them in they was out about 55 yards running along the other side of creek. Was wondering what do u guys think? Plenty more places to stick my blind down in there should I move my blind a little bit closer on out skirts of sanctuary so I can reach out or stay where I am just see if I can bring them closer? These bucks here at bottom is the ones I saw chasing does all day but couldn’t get on em they’d been in trouble if it was rifle season. Lol.

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