PSE Phenom DC with HHA, QAD etc

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    This bow is hardly used and comes sold with decal and blank warranty card.

    I got this bow for the 2017 bow season, and due to a death in the family I didn't have the time or will to hunt it. It's been shot about 100 or so times messing around in the backyard, but has never been hunted. No scratches or ill-repair, no rust, no modifications. Original strings and cables with plenty of life in them. Haven't even waxed the strings its been shot so few times.

    The set up I'm selling includes

    2016 PSE Phenom DC with original, blank warranty card and decal
    QAD HDX drop away bow rest
    HHA Optimizer Lite Single Pin Dial up Bow Sight
    Kwikee Quiver and easy mount attachment.
    A good peep sight, 3/8th of an inch, forget the brand.
    Hand tied string d-loop by bow technician.
    Trophy Ridge 9" Static Stabilizer, black

    I will also include for free a Trophy Ridge React Dial 5 pin sight, no screws. Any bow screw will work to mount it. $65-75 value.

    Currently set to a 30" draw and 65lb draw weight, but it is fully adjustable if you know how to use a bow press, if not see a shop. They can customize it to your specs very accurately, and cheaply.

    Below is the marketing from when it came out.

    Note it says "up to 320 fps" when I was set up with that draw length and weight, I was shooting upper 300's...365-370. I was chronograph ed in the shop when I bought it.

    Great bow, I just don't have the time.

    $450 OBO + $25 shipping.

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