Protein for the off season?

Discussion in 'Food Plots & Habitat Improvement' started by kentuckybuck, Dec 27, 2016.

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    In Kentucky deer season is almost over, which I am still after my hit list buck but thats another story. Anyways, trying to decide what I need to do as soon as season goes out mid January. I was thinking of laying the protein to the deer in a gravity feeder. Would that be a good idea? If so, what protein do you recommend? Local feed store here sells their own mix and thinking of going that route. Figured it would be just as good if not better and cheaper also.
    Anything else I should start doing now? Going to work on some Spring food plots when time gets right. My goals are to do 3 things. Grow bigger racks, give my deer the nutrition they need to be healthier, and to draw other deer in possibly from the big woods connected to us. Thanks for all the advice in advance.

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