Problems with spypoint cell cam?

Discussion in 'Trail Cameras' started by TheFitHunter, Sep 5, 2019.

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    Hey all,
    I purchased a spypoint link micro and while I like it, I have some problems with it. I am only getting the most recent photos it takes in each cycle, it seems as though the rest are getting stored onto the micro SD card, after 4 days 6-7% of the 32gb card is already used up. For example, if I have the camera set to send photos at 7:30, I will get all of the photos from 7-7:30, and nothing prior with the rest I am assuming ending up on the card. Could this be due to bad batteries and switching to lithium could possibly solve this issue? Or maybe just a defect?
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    With cell cameras you should always use lithium batteries. They consume so much power that low voltage can cause them to do crazy things. Now, having said that, the Spypoint Link Micro has had all kinds of problems. So much so that Trailcampro has stopped selling them due to the high rate of returns. I hope you get the issues worked out.

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    Mine is working like a CHAMP!!!

    I’m using standard Silver Energizer batteries.

    I get a text message notice I have a picture.

    I click on it to where I log automatically to the app page. I pull down on the pictures to refresh the page and it downloads the picture. I pull down to refresh every picture.

    If I were you, I’d look at the status to find your signal strength. Something is telling me, your signal is weak, and since it is, it bounces back to your camera to get stored for later.


    Notice I have a 4 strength signal. My other stand only 400 yards away was a 1-2 signal strength but still great.

    I have 800+ pictures in 12 days since I put it up. Battery is getting weak now. But my Micro is only 1%.

    30+ pictures this morning, tons of hogs.

    Additionally, I followed the directions and set my cam to send pics as soon as they come, 24/7. That is done by setting it to 12 ????


    Anything I can do to help, I’ll do. If you have issues I’ll give you my cell and we can go over how mine is set up. Mine is so great, I’m buying a couple more.


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    Grafton, ND
    me and the 4 other guys from here that bought them all had the same issue.. great pics during the day but nighttime images were just black pictures and all my other cameras take great pictures there in the night. i hate using u my photo plan on images that are just a black screen

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