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    Last Tuesday (11/06) my dad, son, and I headed out to a new piece of property that we acquired during the summer. The property is in bad need of some doe management (at the end of this hunt we had seen 12 does in 2.5 hours). We watched 2 does that were both just our of range for 70 mins out in front of us. As the end of legal shooting light approached, I had two other does come in from our West. The smaller of the two presented a perfect broadside shot (at 10 yrds) and I sent a blot. The NAP Killzone Crossbow COC broadhead annihilated her at the close distance. She ran 25 to 30 yrds and piled up. Meat in the freezer! And now, we're headed back to the same property tomorrow afternoon for another hunt. I love this time of the year.
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