Northwoods Law-A Tragic Comedy

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    Anyone else watch this disaster? OMG! How stupid can ya be? Somebody sends an arrow into a car. The driver isn't injured (very lucky) and the Wardens pass the arrow around to each other. Guess the new fangled technology of fingerprinting hasn't made its way to Maine yet. Doh! It's missing fletching. Hmmm. They instruct the woman driver to show them where she was when her vehicle was hit by the arrow. She takes em to the spot and low and behold, there's arrow fletching in the street. The Warden runs it between his two fingers. I guess that's one way to remove prints. But they'll give it to the crime lab to search for DNA anyway. Guess what, the fletching happens to be directly in front of one of the sparsely placed homes. Two New England hillbillies get belligerent with the Wardens who have the interrogation skills of Barney Fife. At this point I am shaking my head. The rest of the show revealed an inexperienced film crew's desperate attempt to shoot anything that wouldn't end up on the editing room floor. I thought Wild Justice was bad...but it could be worse.

    I guess it never occured to them to take the arrow to the local archery shops to see who orders that particular arrow with the funky fletching colors and matching nocks. Poachers in Maine have nothing to fear.

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