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    Ok I have a chance to buy a 2014 Martin Nemesis 35 RH White 60lb Adjustable draw 35 ATA a ripcord rest and one of those long target shooting type stabilizer brand unknown. Price $225.00 shipped to my door.

    I found a post on another site about how Martins CS has screwed this person by not fixing an issue they know was theirs only offering to sell him an upgraded Cam to fix the problem He stated its been stored since he bought it and wont buy an upgrade to fix their problem or buy another bow from Martin he also stated he wouldn't give it away either lol well that didn't stop me from asking and like i said he has agreed to sell it to me if I want it knowing up front what the issues are.

    This issue is a stripped screw that lets you lengthen or shorten your DL now at 28 but i need a 29.5 I was hoping someone here might have some extra Nitro 3 cams to sell or can refer me to another type that would fit as I find this sale hard to resist for what I can get. The main thing other than a correct fitting cam is that I require a very smooth drawing cam system as I currently am dealing with shoulder problems that are on the mend and don't want to risk missing another hunting season.


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