NFL Week 10 Picks

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    Who do you think will win in week 10?

    I don't believe my Cowboys will pull off an 8th straight win, as it's rare to see a team win 8 in a row and even more rare to see the Steelers lose 3 in a row. I just don't see Pittsburgh being 4-5 with all the talent they've got on that team. I especially predict a loss if Tony Romo takes back over.

    Ravens over the Browns
    Chiefs over the Panthers
    Jets over the Rams
    Broncos over the Saints, although this one may surprise us all...
    Packers over the Titans
    Eagles over the Falcons
    Redskins over the Vikings
    Texans over the Jaguars
    Buccaneers over the Bears
    Chargers over the Dolphins
    Cardinals over the 49ers
    Patriots over the Seahawks
    Giants over the Bengals

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