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    But not new to hunting. Been firearm hunting for a while and finally took the leap into bows with the intention of bowhunting. It's a totally different dimension to hunting that I'm eager to dive right in. A bunch of friends got bows late last year and tried to convince me but I wasn't receptive to the idea at the time.

    I guess with pandemic and all the ammo shortages, there's no better to time to give it a try. I quickly picked used a lightly used bare Bowtech Solution SD and decked it out with the necessities. I try to do the buy once, cry once thing but it never comes out that way.

    Here in Hawaii, travel restrictions between the islands pretty much shut down hunting on outer islands. We have a lot of wild pigs here that would be perfect to go after without freaking out hikers with high powered rifle blasts.

    I hope to learn as much as possible and contribute whatever I can along the way.


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