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    Hey everyone, I just picked up archery a few months ago as a quarantine hobby and quickly became obsessed. I plan to bowhunt in the future once I am consistently hitting shots at some distance. I wanted to ask for any tips anyone had for a self taught beginner? Given the current situation Im not sure when I would even be allowed to do in person coaching so until then its youtube clips and practice! Looking forward to getting to know you guys!
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    Western NY
    1. Never take bad shots. (The size of, or your desire for should never effect when to shoot)
    2. Absorb all the info you can but remember this is the internet and opinions are like a$$holes
    3. Eat your own sandwich. ( Way too many times I see people so wrapped up in what a deer scores and what other ppl think they forget that this is supposed to be fun.
    4. Don't get trendy. Bow hunting is very expensive it's crippling if you try to make sure you have all the latest crap.
    5. Watch as much tv as you want but remember they have control to EDIT what you see.
    6. Ask permission on me ground, even if you don't need it now. Every year..
    7. Be active in here. There is allot of great guys and girls in here that can help with almost all situations.
    8. All ground is not equal. Only you can figure out how to hunt your piece. We can help but boots on the ground is the most important part. You will find that what works in Kansas doesn't in NY etc.
    9. Know your weapon. Practise until it is an extension of yourself.
    10. Know your limits.
    11. KILL! Shooting doe is the best way to learn is how to kill.
    12. Once obtained, pass on knowledge.
    13. Put down your phone

    Ok ok I'm done with the life lessons. It's 30 to legal and I need to focus.
    PS. Don't listen to ppl on here like they are Fred Bear. Including me.
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