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Discussion in 'Introductions - New User Forum' started by DeadPup, Aug 26, 2019.

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    Hey all! I'm in my mid 30's but I've never hunted before, except for one incident I listed in my profile. I recently decided to make a serious attempt at bow hunting next year, so I'm here to learn all I can. I'm building a pvc bow this week just so I can get to practicing, but I'll be buying a bow later this year. Most of my extra money is spent on snowboarding, so I'm doing this as cheap as possible, meaning a compound is right out. If you see a dude running around with a cheap recurve, stone arrow heads with dowel rod shafts, and rabbit skin clothes, he might not be some guy into primitive hunting, it might just be my broke ass. I used to be a pretty good shot as a child, but it's been easily 22 years since I've loosed an arrow, so I have a LOT of practice ahead of me. I don't plan on asking any questions for awhile, but I just wanted to get the intro post out of the way for when I finally do. I will say I'm hoping for an elk at some point, but I understand even seasoned hunters using any method of harvest have a hard time in WA. That said, deer go down that hatch almost as easily in my opinion. So that's that, I'll see ya'll again when I have enough research under my belt to ask intelligent questions!

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