New (bow)hunter here from KY

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    49 years old from Oldham Co. -- just got my first compound bow this year.

    I grew up next to my grandparents' cattle/tobacco farm, did loads of fishing and hunting dove, varmit, etc. growing up. Deer hadn't really moved into the area strongly back then, so didn't experience my first deer hunt until 3 years ago when a buddy rekindled my interest in getting out and hunting.

    It took me all of about 25 minutes as a member of the "orange army" to get my first buck, a quality 8 pointer.

    Like I mentioned, just got my first bow this summer and really enjoy archery. I've had the opportunity to hunt a large farm just minutes away and its been a real treat. Only four hunts in and I'm learning more everytime I head out.

    I really enjoy learning from podcasts and reading this forum, thanks all!

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