Need help from guys good at reading maps in hills/mountains

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    upload_2019-9-6_22-8-19.jpeg upload_2019-9-6_22-9-41.jpeg upload_2019-9-6_22-11-40.jpeg upload_2019-9-6_22-13-54.jpeg I was given permission 2 weeks ago to bow hunt a new section of property. I’ve spent two days in the woods scouting and hanging 4 cuddelink cams along with an easy access home base that receives my photos from remote cameras. After only a week, I’m sorta on a buck but I need help with ideas on where to move my cameras to really hone in on him and start to pattern him. I’ve included several pictures to reference the area. Any ideas as far as where to look would be great thank you! upload_2019-9-6_22-8-19.jpeg
    The property in white is the land I’m allowed on. You can see the camera locations I have currently. The one circled is the only one I have pics of this buck on.
    Here I’ve marked the bench with lots and lots of sign, the camera location where I have pics (mostly all in the evening heading to feed), and a large rub found on a 4” tree. This will be one camera spot.
    Here you can see where the bench feed around to a gas well. This gas well is a perfect feeding area with hay, alfalfa, and is lined with oak, apple, and cherry trees. There is also a water hole just to the north.
    This last photo just shows a more zoomed in look where the bench comes up along a ravine onto a flat where that cluster of pines

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