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    Alright y'all, Here are some links that should help you in your quest to getting good audio. I've linked various videos that compare different mic setups by people I trust and at the end I'll talk about how I setup my audio.

    Mic Comparisons:

    Rode VideoMic VS Zoom H1

    Zoom H1 VS Zoom H4N

    HQ-S Lavalier lapel Mic Vs Samsung Note 4 Vs H4n

    Rode VideoMic Pro VS Rode VideoMic

    Which is best for you: H1 vs H4N?


    Rode Videomic Shotgun Review & Test

    Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Mic - test

    Zoom H4N Review - Audio Recorder

    Review: Zoom H1 Portable Recorder

    Better Sound for Your Video: RØDE NTG-2 Review

    MicJ 044 Lavalier Microphone Review: Good Sound Small Price

    Informational videos:

    How to record High Quality Audio on a Budget

    Audacity: A walk through on the basics of editing audio using Audacity

    Best Mics for Video | Zoom H1, Zoom H4N & Rode Videomic Pro

    Quick Tips: Audio Editing!


    You might have noticed I'm a big fan of the H4N, the H1 and Rode VideoMic and NTG-2. That's because its what I use to get really great audio, I've tested them, used and abused them, and they still are coming out strong. I'm also a big fan of cheap lapel mics, and using an H1, instead of using on board camera audio.

    Your camera is a camera, and it's not made for recording audio, it's make for recording video, the audio is simply a feature, and the preamps on them tend to be pretty bad when you compare it to a $100 hand held recorder. We never ever intentionally use camera audio. The only reason we record with camera audio is to make syncing audio in post easier.

    Here is a video that we used this setup on. All the audio is recording live, and we sync it in post. This was filmed on a nice cool spring evening with an H4N, a Rode NTG-2, a Rode VideoMic and a lapel mic, and the swamp behind my house was buzzing and the sound of frogs roared. To adjust for this, we placed the mics directly above and below, and adjusted our levels accordingly, in order to prevent the sound of nature from leeching into our audio.

    If you have any suggestions as to other things I should put on the list, feel free to let me know.
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    Great post thanks for sharing it!
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    Thanks for taking the time to do that, Im going to stick it to top of page!

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