Martin Nemesis Nitro Limbs

Discussion in 'WANTED' started by midgleyw1776, Jul 23, 2021.

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    Hi there everyone,

    I am in need of anyone willing who would sell parts for a certain Martin bow. My bow is a 2014 Martin Nemesis Nitro. It is 55-70#. size 27" - 30.5 " with 80% Let off. I am looking for anyone who has spare limbs and would be willing to sell them. This is for a special bow that my dad gave me which has been damaged. The limbs say 4x Mag Twin on them. The dimensions on the limbs are about 10.5" long. The main Limb I am looking for is the top left limb, however, I would be interested in finding a full set if possible. If anyone knows of someone I could contact or be put in contact with I would greatly appreciate the help.

    Thank you.

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