Lucky 7 Deer Scent Products - Real and Synthetic

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    It is that time of year! Lucky 7 Love Potion #7 Whitetail Estrus Urine is available FRESH for the year. Bottled only during the season, it will be fresh and effective.

    If you prefer synthetic scents (or live in a state where real urine is banned) we have Lucky 7 Synthescents. They are as effective as the real thing without the special handling and are legal in ALL 50 states. We offer Buck-In-Rut MAX, Doe-In-Heat PLUS and the BRAND NEW Preorbital - Licking Branch GEL. This week, use coupon code SCENTS20 (thru 9/30) for a 20% discount on both real and synthetic urine scents.

    Other items, like Premium cover scents and attractants are available.

    Visit OUR STORE and Thank You for your purchase.

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