legalities and safety issues of traveling power line corridors

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  1. I support hunting, but mainly I like to cover miles out in the woods and fields, and I've been enjoying exploring utility rights of way. I usually have them all to myself all year, then along comes hunting season, and I'm an exile from paradise. But realistically, I wonder how much I should really worry about being shot at or unintentionally ruining someone's hunt while exploring public lands such as gas line corridors and power line corridors. I wouldn't risk it with gun hunters, but I heard bow hunters are a more responsible group, since they are doing it as a skill, not a pastime, and probably aren't stupid enough to mess up their aim by drinking, or haul off and shoot because they think they see or hear something.

    Also, I understand that laws of trespass vary depending on whether the land is owned by the utility company or leased. I live in Ohio. Any advice welcome!
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    I’m from Indiana, but I’m sure it’s not that different next door. Usually the utility companies have easements for the right-of-way. Very little right of way is owned by the utility. So in most cases if you don’t have permission from the land owner, you’re trespassing. Unless the right-of-way is on public land, then you’re good.
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    Spot on slick billy-d
    A lot of folks think utility right of way is open to the public. I own and pay tax on the property and do not want folks on my land without permission.
  4. Thank you both for your reply. I was uncertain because I've heard people talk about riding bikes or walking there. I really only signed up because I figured if anyone knew, it would be you guys, and this was the only way to ask my question. But I don't see anything in my profile about deleting it.

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